SoilBox is an amazing and unique mobile application (iOS & Android), with this powerful geotechnical tool you are at the forefront of how the geotechnical bearing capacity calculations are performed, SoilBox has reinvented the way of the calculations for geotechnical designs defining the future of computing applications.”

  • Simple
  • Accurate
  • Reliable
  • Easy to use

SoilBox allows you

to make and take your geotechnical bearing capacity calculations at all times and anywhere.

Both Free and Premium version

allows you to keep in mind for geotechnical design of shallow foundations, all existing methodologies to calculate the bearing capacity of soil.

Perform bearing capacity calculations

in pseudoestatic conditions is no longer a problem, now with the Premium version of SoilBox you can do it.

The Premium version of SoilBox

allows you to create, edit and save each of your projects and you can also share data and calculation results.

SoilBox's Premium version

allows you to calculate baring capacity of soil, considering inclined loads and the presence of eccentricities in the foundations.

We have combined the importance

of the accuracy of the calculations of geotechnical engineering with the innovation and the use of new technologies.

SoilBox App

In SoilBox we believe in the importance of innovation and through it, facilitate and create greater efficiency in the work of the engineer responsible for the geotechnical design.

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