In the course of 2017 and for some time, there are affectations in the hydraulic concrete plate of the 26 Street between 69 Career and 69D Career in the city of Bogotá (Colombia) (See Figure 1 ).

Figure 1.

Figure 1.

In the sector demarcated in the Figure 1, it can be noticed, based on a visual inspection, the presence of vertical deformations in the concrete plates that make up the pavement of 26 Street on its northern side, included between 69 Career and the 69D Carrer, deformations that are evidenced by the presence of sinking and uplift of the structure, with level differences up to 30 cm, and the appearance of cracking with openings between 3 cm and 8 cm and lengths between 1.0 m. and 12.0 mt (See photographic record).

It is important to note that the described affectations in the pavement structure, influence in a negative way the conditions of stability, functionality and safety of 26 Street in the sector described, and may increase in the short term in the presence of strong and prolonged precipitation, as well as the presence of dynamic loads (eg traffic, earthquake or other).


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